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"No se adaptan al frio"/"They cannot adapt to the cold"

    This winter has been the toughest I have experienced (my winter history goes back to 2006) and it seems we will be surviving it until April. Great White North fun is not over yet. Today, we have -11 degrees Celsius (12 F) and everyone is out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. We are only […]

On my way up to the office I saw a tourism ad about Cuba that read: “Old cars never looked better”. I chuckled for a second, rolled my eyes and thought about how much Cubans would like to have modern cars and how often they struggle when these heavy giants break in the middle of […]

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I left the store with FOUR sweaters. A coworker told me on Friday that there was an extra 50% off on sale items at the Eaton Centre’s Forever 21 and for $25.00 I got a bunch of clothes that I do not really need. I did not realize (I ignored it, apparently) this until I […]

Bautizada por una cubana como Raspadura China

Finalmente me paré delante de lo que siempre había creído era una especie de raspadura china y me dije: “Hoy es el día!” Desde hace unos meses quería saber qué era esto que venden como azúcar prieta o morena pero que viene compacta, muy similar a la raspadura cubana. La idea de comprar un bloque […]

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Robarts Library cherry trees

You are about to see a lot of flowers. I had been waiting for the Robarts Library cherry trees to start blooming. I always have to pass the trees on my way to the gym so I was thrilled last week when I saw the pink flowers almost about the open.      I did […]

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Yesterday I went to an open house for the first time. I am not looking into buying a home in Toronto (do not think I will for a while) but now with the beginning of the spring a lot of houses around my in laws’ place are going on sale. I decided to go out […]

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Cornelius Krieghoff Canada painter art

A couple of days ago I went for the Free Wednesday at the Art Gallery of Ontario, which is Toronto’s fine art museum. Every Wednesday afternoon, from 6pm to 8:30pm, the permanent collection can be visited free of charge and also a few of the temporary exhibits. The rain, probably encouraged tourists and local to […]

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Starbucks Coffee is the place to hate or to love. For many North Americans, Starbucks is an evil company which chokes small businesses, takes over every single popular city corner, sells overpriced coffee and attracts the rich and non – adventurous customer. People like to make fun of tourists who do not feel comfortable trying […]

We have been living around the Toronto Kensington Market and China Town area for over a month now. The neighbourhood is always active and there are endless spots to discover or known places to come back to. Running downstairs to grab a bite to go does not take more than 15 minutes. We have been […]

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I used to love the month of February while living in Cuba. It is the time of the year when you can walk around Havana without sweating, you can wear your hair down, get into those pants that have been hanging in your closet for a while and put on closed shoes without roasting yourself […]

I was having a long conversation with a Cuban friend who recently moved to Canada. She is one of the “lucky ones” who benefited from the new Cuban immigration law which allows Cubans to travel without the exit permit card. This friend is a family doctor who had been waiting for three years to get […]

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Snow Cake street Toronto

Friday, February 8th, 2013 Non-stop snowing in Toronto! I woke up this morning with the task of getting out of the house for a couple of city shots. There is a beautiful photo opportunity when the snow is still white and fresh. The city keeps functioning and Canadians are not afraid of the minus temperatures, […]