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  A couple of friends suggested to start hiking on weekends. I was excited with the idea as I usually go camping in the summer and with the move, I did not bring any camping gear with me. Day hikes are a quick and easy way to escape from the cement jungle and while visiting a […]

Canchanchara Trinidad

The Canchanchara was drank by the 19th century Cuban independence fighters. People say Antonio Maceo invented the drink to keep the troops with energy (and tipsy, I suppose), for the fight. Back in the day, fighters used to drink it out of “jicaras”, a bowl made of the Güiro tree (Calabash tree). The real Canchanchara is not […]

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Algonquin Visitor Centre

Canada is a festival of colours in the fall. Nature puts on a free show for us every year so even if you are not an outdoors person it is worth to watch at least once. This year we finally rented out a car and left the city for a day to go to Algonquin […]

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Butterfly in love

Here are a few of the pictures I took at the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory. The place is small but you can spend a long time there 🙂     

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I have been quite busy in the last month as I started a new contract job at the bank and a big chunk of my free time is truly devoted to spend time outdoors. As I incessantly repeat, it was a long winter and now being under the sun is one of my priorities. As crazy as […]

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Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi Emirates

If I had only one adjective to describe the Emirates I would probably choose the word “unreal”. There are so many things about the country and its culture that are alien to me that I think I would need a long time there to understand or to at least analyze why things are and function […]

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Last weekend we crossed three borders in two days. I am not sure how cool that might sound to people out there but for a Cuban stock on an island the first 24 years of her life is quite grand. Although I do not travel with my Cuban passport no one can take the Cuban […]

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Hung Shing Yeh Beach Lamma Island Hong Kong

It takes 30 minutes and 20 HK dollars ($2.60 CAN/US) to get to Lamma Island by ferry. A quick metro ride to Central station and a short walk to Pier #4, where the Lamma ferries exit, assured us a outstanding afternoon on HK’s third biggest island. When we arrived at the Sok Kwu Wan pier […]

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Free Hugs at Causeway Bay Hong Kong

Another stupendous weekend in Hong Kong has ended. I have been carrying an umbrella in my purse but luckily the rain never came. The weather continues to be terrific in November so that gives us a change to stay outdoors. I have the feeling that if we keep waiting for the lousy weather to go […]

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This last year of travels has been very rewarding and memorable for us but there is always a bitter feeling every time we have to say goodbye to a city that has been our home for a month or two. By the time you start to create a routine you have to think of packing […]

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Cable Car Ngong Ping Hong Kong

This past weekend we visited Lantau Island again. We jumped on the cable car that takes you to Tian Tan (The Giant Buddha), passing over the mountains and the ocean. We found out too late that the line could have been avoided by purchasing the tickets online but if you are a tourist without internet the wait is worth it. We chose the […]

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Old Summer Palace Beijing

We came back from spending four days in Beijing with two friends. We smoothly flew there and back with DragonAir. On Friday afternoon, I left HK with a small backpack and a list of things to do. Although Beijing is a big city with a lof of places to see I was happy enough to […]